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Why Register

Articles can be submitted electronically.
We have an online manuscript processing system which allows submission of articles with tracking of its progress till proof stage.

One needs to register as a new author – this process is a simple self-explanatory two stage process. Link for new author registration is available from here

If article is submitted electronically, there is no need to send a hard copy. However, the copyright form (Click here for the contributors' form) should be sent within 2 weeks of submission of article. In addition, hard copy of images or high resolution digital images should be sent at the time of submission of revised article

Electronic submission is recommended as it allows ease of submission, quick review, and tracking of progress of the article until proof stage. If however, you are unable to send articles in an electronic format, they can alternatively be sent as hard copy to:

Dr Shakti Kumar Gupta

Editor In Chief & HOD
Department of Hospital Administration
Room No.6A, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
New Delhi-110029, INDIA